Comprehensive Security Solutions

Lexus Security offers a wide variety of comprehensive security solutions and guarding for residential and commercial properties.

General Services

  • Guarding

  • Armed Officers

  • Events

  • Corporate and Industrial Guarding

  • Business Parks and Offices Security

  • Retail and Malls Security Services

  • Hotel, Leisure and Entertainment Security

  • Banking Hall Security

  • Warehouse Guards

  • Commercial Security Services

  • Residential/Apartments Guards

  • Hospital and Health Centre Security

  • Schools & Educational Institutions Security

Specialised Services Offered


Undercover Personnel

Surveillance technology (CCTV)

Lexus Event Management


Lexus Security can assist with a range of private investigation services, including business crime, internal investigations, economic espionage, or allegations of wrong-doing. Our investigations involve thorough fact finding and expert advice to ensure businesses are prepared to recover losses or minimise liability.


Undercover personnel are a valuable and cost effective security tool, allowing businesses to discretely observe and put a stop to a range of issues including dishonesty, drug and alcohol abuse, operational discrepancies, sabotage, safety violations, corporate espionage, racial and sexual harassment.


Our centralised 24/7 CCTV control room is a powerful security tool that gives our customers complete peace of mind, acts as an effective deterrent to potential criminals and provides valuable evidence should any crimes occur. Our highly-trained monitoring team act swiftly and effectively in crimes and emergencies. 



As part of our service offering, Lexus Security created Lexus Event Management to cater to the demanding needs of event organizers. We can provide a wide variety of skilled Event Staffing Personnel, and our Management Team has designed our Staffing Services to ensure they are comprehensive enough to cover all eventing needs.

Our Managers are knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic, while our Supervisors and Employees in this division are selected based on their professionalism and comprehensively trained in all aspects of the event and the facility they are assigned to.

Our management team has been actively involved with various events nationwide over the years, forming an integral part of the event safety sphere.

Businesses are increasingly recognizing that parking areas are the first and last impression a guest experiences when visiting their location. A successful parking operation is instrumental in their overall guest services program and vital to overall customer satisfaction.

Our Professional Parking Operations team excel at delivering a quick, clean and safe atmosphere, while adding to the overall public image of a client’s business.

Our planners and consultants are experienced in all aspects of public transportation and event management, and will obtain the necessary permits should they be required, attend to way-leave applications and provide traffic equipment in line with your needs.

Additional Services

Multi Risk Liability Insurance with Abelard



Skills Development