Security Industry Experts

We provide skilled, loyal personnel who focus on customer satisfaction and building long-term relationships.

We concentrate on our Security & Risk Mitigation Services and target mutually beneficial growth opportunities where we can add value by being the preferred provider of non-core services.

Management and all personnel are responsible for ensuring that they are committed to and comply with all procedures, which affect all areas of responsibility.

We are aware of the honor to serve the community from whom we receive our sustenance, and the privilege to be part of the team of personnel who adhere to management for guidance, self-esteem and a steady growth path in our industry.


Services - 12 years
Insights & Strategy - 10 years
Field Experience - 8 years
Customer Care - 7 years

Our Objectives

  • To provide the customer with a high level of confidence and provide an assurance that services supplied to an order will comply with an agreed specification.
  • To contribute to the profit of the company against the cost of potential losses.
  • To improve communication between all departments and functions.
  • To improve managerial services skills, and to install the need for self-discipline and attention to detail in all personnel activities of Lexus Security.

Security Issues and Basic Assessment


Securing the environment of any industry is a challenging and continual effort for most managers, who face unique challenges in balancing the open campus environment with the protection needs of the employer, employees and assets.

No site or event is without risk and effectively managing risk is crucial to maintaining the protection and openness balance of any business.

By conducting a comprehensive risk assessment Lexus Security can prioritize identifiable risks, develop an effective security program and reduce the risk to a manageable level.

By proposing resolutions to these risks, we are able to proactively manage situations effectively and efficiently as and when they arise.

The purpose of the assessment is to propose a change in the current security procedure or alternatively improve on the current security procedure to pro-actively mitigate security risks and prevent possible acts of unlawful interference or criminal activity.

However, it must be stated that these proposals will only be effective if there is a complete management “buy in” from the client itself.

It is however noted, that due to economic constraints, these resolutions need to be dealt with in the most cost efficient way without sacrificing the overall security.

To this end, we have also looked at alternatives to the existing structure in an attempt to reduce current costs.

The assessment has included aspects that the physical security officer may or may not be directly involved in, but could still have a detrimental impact on the continuity of business.

To this end, we have split the assessments into different criteria’s, all of which would have an impact on the business.

Affirmative Action Policy


  • Ensuring no discrimination based on race, colour, creed or sex, in all aspects of employment practices including (but not limited) to the recruitment, selection, promotion, training and the remuneration of employees.
  • Encouraging all employees to develop and empower themselves through further study and training.
  • Establishing training and development programs to support individual career aspirations, the company’s goals and the establishment of equal opportunities for all based on merit.
  • Lexus Security complies with the Skills Development Act by submitting our annual work skills plan and the Annual training report. All grants claimed and received are pumped back into training and further development for our security officers.

Events, Conventions and Trade shows

As part of our service basket Lexus Security created Lexus Event Management. Event organizers demand excellence, we can provide you with a wide variety of skilled Staffing Personnel. Our Management Team has designed our Staffing Services so that they are comprehensive enough to cover all eventing needs.

Our Managers are knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic individuals. Our Supervisors and Employees in this division are selected based on their professionalism and are trained to learn all phases and aspects of the event and the facility they are assigned to.

Our management team has been actively involved with various events nationwide over the years and has formed an integrate part of event safety.

Businesses are increasingly recognizing that the parking area is the first and last impression a guest experiences when visiting their location. A successful parking operation is instrumental in their overall guest services program and an important key to Customer Satisfaction.

Our Professional Parking Operations deliver a quick, clean and safe atmosphere while adding to the image of a client’s business. Our planners and consultants are experienced in all aspects of public transportation and event management. We will obtain the necessary permission, should it be required by the client, do your way-leave applications and provide traffic equipment in line with your needs.

Our Clients